Why should you use LED Grow Lights?

Because you deserve safety.

Because sodium and mercury lamps present a fire hazard.

Because they are dangerous for the planet, too.

Because your electricity bill could drop by 70%.

Because these old light technologies make your plants sweat which decreases yield and make them more likely to catch diseases.

We know the first generation of LED lights were disappointing. We tried them, too. We were so disappointed in them we decided to be the ones that would bring the next generation of LED lights to market! We worked hard to find the best way to use LED as grow lights and now we are proud to offer you LED lights with many advantages.

1- No heat dissipation

Have you noticed how a sodium lamp irradiates heat? Did you know that the core of the lamp reaches 1200°C? There is a real fire hazard with these lamps. Moreover, in a closed garden, all this heat stresses the plants. Water is lost to compensate the heat and diseases are likely to thrive in a hot and moist environment.

Our LED Grow Lights stay under 60°C. This brings you peace of mind when it comes to leaving home for a few hours. You can also say goodbye to big, cumbersome fans which needed to be at full speed to extract all this heat.

2- Better yield

It is true that HPS/MH lamps are really good when it comes to providing light... for the humans! Unfortunately, plants do not have eyes and most of the light we see (the green color of the light) has absolutely no effect on them.

When it comes to comparing light intensity between lamps, it is critical to consider only the fraction that is actually useful to the plant. For a HPS/MH lamp, that's about 50% of the emitted light. For traditional LED light sources, that's about 70%. For Agrotek's COB light, that's 99%. How is it possible? The Agrotek COB only generates light that will be used by the plant, period.

3- Better lifespan

After one year, your HPS/MH lamps will start emitting less light... but their energy consumption will stay the same.

You can keep using them for up to 20 000h, but the efficiency will keep dropping until you spend a fortune on electricity for almost no light.

LED Grow Lights, on the other hand, have a spectrum and a power efficiency that stay the same for their whole lifespan (up to 50 000h).

4- Reduced cost

Even though the purchase cost is higher, the new-generation LED Grow Lights are actually less expensive because:

  • You save dozens of pounds per month in electricity during their whole life
  • You save the replacement costs because you don't have to change them every year
  • You save on external costs because you need less fans to extract heat